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Friday, January 14, 2005


Temp: 97.7
Time Taken: 6:30am

Aaron made me laugh so hard last night I couldn't catch my breath and I got so dizzy. Result: The biggest headache this morning for me.
Anyways, an attempt was made last night and I recorded this and my temperature on my online chart and it took away my ovulation date. A message popped up to indicate my data wasn't consistent anymore with that of a person who has ovulated. So I don't know if I have or haven't yet. Since the first day of my last period was December 30th, the next three days would be 'typical' for when I would be most fertile and ovulate, so I'll look for that spike again to see if perhaps I ovulate if I haven't already.

At first glance of my chart it looked very good. Although I honestly don't think it was possible for my to ovulate the day after stopping my menses, so I'm glad they changed the chart. There was even a dip after my "o date" which could have meant implantation. But, like I said, this months temps have been all over so I'm just going to keep watch for now and see what happens.

Happy Friday!


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