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Monday, February 14, 2005

Knowing your body

Temp: 97.6
Time Taken: 5:30
CD: 15
DPO: 0

So I didn't ovulate this weekend. I know this because my temp has been 97.6 the past two days. Again, it will jump at least .4 degrees when I ovulate. Although, for some freakish reason, I'll wake up just a bit early, like today and then freak out if I don't take my temp right then, feeling like if I fall back asleep, I'll throw the results. Because, just to reiterate, the point is to take it immediately upon waking. Before, tossing and turning, before getting up to use the bathroom. Anything.

So, today at lunch, it may just be my mind playing tricks on me, but like last month, I'm having some pain in my lower abdomen. I realize this means ovulation and that's why we didn't get pregnant last month. (I'm assuming) I was in pain and shyed away from intercourse when in reality we shouldn't have, because that's when I ovulated.

At any rate, we'll see about attempting tonight and see if there's a spike in my temp tomorrow morning. Wish us luck.


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