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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Early workdays

Temp: 97.3 @5:30am when Aaron got up and 97.9 @6:30 when I got up
Time Taken: See above
CD: 31
DPO: 14

My hopes are down today. I've always been a person who is deeply in tune with my body. When my temp sank when Aaron got up, so did my heart. Even though at my normal time awakening at 6:30 it was 97.9, I just know this is not to be this month.

As hard as I tried this month to focus on true symptoms, today they all vanished. As the Lord as my witness I tried not to get my hopes up after feeling a little sick the past two days, a heaviness in my abdomen and a general breast tenderness. ALL of these things can happen when menstration is about to occur, so I did NOT get my hopes up too much. Just a little. Last night after dinner, I felt just pain in my pelvic region. Sharp pain. Just for a little while. Never in my life have I had any problems with using the bathroom except for this past week. I chalked the sharp pain up to that. However, this morning every symptom I had this past two weeks, were gone. Except some cramping today. Light cramping.

It's like I knew with that temperature drop that it was not to be this month. I don't know which one to use. Aaron's waking time or mine. This is where the guidelines are a little fuzzy. Even if I made up the difference and went with 97.6, it would still be below my coverline of 97.7 and that's not a good sign.

After just feeling "off" this month, and even crying almost 3 times last week for no apparent reason, I would have swore this was the month. I think I just knew. And now I'm afraid I just know what happened last night. I truly have a blessing and a curse being so in tune to my body.


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