Mommy Dreamin

Cautiously expecting sometime in June 2006!!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Once in a while

Temp: 97.9
Time Taken: 6:00am
CD: 9
DPO: 0

I've decided to only take my temperature sporadically this month. Just as a base to see where I am instead of stressing about it every morning.

Not putting so much of an effort in this month to give myself a break and also because if I conceived this month I'd deliver around Christmas and I always felt bad for the kids who had birthdays during that time because they always told me how gyped they felt. I guess because of the whole lumping the presents together thing. Even though Christmas isn't celebrated for the gifts, you can't make kids understand that. It's not their fault, just look at all the commercials on tv around Christmas.

Anyways, Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Uncross it all

Temp: 97.6
Time Taken:

Ok, you can go ahead and uncross everything now. We didn't do it. I failed again.

My heart is broken and apparently my body is too. My lower abdomen hurts so bad with cramps waiting for my period.

It's not like I'm doing the method wrong, I guess I'm just too stressed to let it happen. Despite my efforts to just go about this casually. I just can't. Working out last night I put my body through hell, I don't know, maybe I was sort of punishing myself because I failed again. Give me a minute, I'll collect myself and end up looking at the month ahead with sparkly eyes again.

See ya in a couple days.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Early workdays

Temp: 97.3 @5:30am when Aaron got up and 97.9 @6:30 when I got up
Time Taken: See above
CD: 31
DPO: 14

My hopes are down today. I've always been a person who is deeply in tune with my body. When my temp sank when Aaron got up, so did my heart. Even though at my normal time awakening at 6:30 it was 97.9, I just know this is not to be this month.

As hard as I tried this month to focus on true symptoms, today they all vanished. As the Lord as my witness I tried not to get my hopes up after feeling a little sick the past two days, a heaviness in my abdomen and a general breast tenderness. ALL of these things can happen when menstration is about to occur, so I did NOT get my hopes up too much. Just a little. Last night after dinner, I felt just pain in my pelvic region. Sharp pain. Just for a little while. Never in my life have I had any problems with using the bathroom except for this past week. I chalked the sharp pain up to that. However, this morning every symptom I had this past two weeks, were gone. Except some cramping today. Light cramping.

It's like I knew with that temperature drop that it was not to be this month. I don't know which one to use. Aaron's waking time or mine. This is where the guidelines are a little fuzzy. Even if I made up the difference and went with 97.6, it would still be below my coverline of 97.7 and that's not a good sign.

After just feeling "off" this month, and even crying almost 3 times last week for no apparent reason, I would have swore this was the month. I think I just knew. And now I'm afraid I just know what happened last night. I truly have a blessing and a curse being so in tune to my body.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

My heart be still

Temp: 98.1
Time Taken: 6:30am
CD: 30
DPO: 13

This waiting is horrible. My temp is still semi-up there, but it's not climbing. I have no idea what this means. So, we wait.